Happy November and early podcast everybody! Thanks for listening.

03:48 Crisis at Marvel

07:00 Post Endgame Decisions

10:35 The Kang/Jonathon Majors Situation

13:33 The Marvels Fails?

22:14 She Hulk & Unsustainable VFX

25:32 The Blade Movie Drama Continues

31:13 The Key to Reviving Marvel?

36:57 Lead Actors for Avengers: Secret Wars

38:19 The Fall Guy Trailer

41:21 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

45:38 Echo Series Trailer

49:01 Nic Cage Talks The Flash Cameo

52:54 Joe Biden vs AI

54:25 The Killer Review (spoiler warning 01:05:35 to 01:13:34)

01:13:34 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read (Invincible S2 E01 spoilers)

01:19:12 Letters, It’s Time For Letters