It’s the spookiest time of the year and I am talking about this early podcast. Thanks for listening!

00:00 The Start

04:04 RIP Donald Sutherland

08:10 Batman: The Brave & The Bold Director

11:29 The Penguin Series Trailer

14:46 Batman: Caped Crusader Cast

18:06 Watchman Series is R-Rated (Dong?)

22:31 New Jordan Peele Movie Release Date

23:51 Street Fighter Movies Loses Directors

26:38 The Acolyte’s Latest Canon Controversy

35:25 X-Men Live Action Team Roster

38:21 Blade Can’t Cut Through Development Hell

49:28 Sting Movie Review (No Spoilers)

57:27 Abigail Movie Review (Spoilers 01:01:07 to 01:04:38)

01:04:38 Immaculate Movie Review (Spoilers 01:07:08 to 01:12:59)

01:12:59 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:20:13 Letters, It’s Time For Letters