Welcome to the spookiest episode of the year (and just to clarify I’m not talking about tax time).

This week, the most cursed Movies and TV Shows of all time! Plus the death of Quibi, a first look at Uncharted, Aunty Donna coming to Netflix, Mindhunter no more, No Time To Die moving to streaming, another entry in the Dark Universe, Battlestar Galactica gets another reboot, the end of the Fast & The Furious and Jared Leto returns as the Joker for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Thanks for listening!

00:00 The Start

05:04 Quibi is Dead

10:48 Uncharted First Look

14:37 Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun

19:00 Mindhunter Cancelled

20:15 No Time To Die On Demand

23:32 The Bride & The Dark Universe

26:46 Battlestar Galactica Reboot

28:07 John McClane is Back

29:41 Fast & Furious Future Movies

33:14 Deathstroke & Joker in Snyder Cut Re-shoots

36:01 The Meg 2: Kronos Control

39:32 Spooky Movie Curses Halloween Time

01:12:06 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:21:32 Letters, It’s Time For Letters