418: The Best & Worst of 2021

Early blockbuster podcast! Thanks for listening mate. 00:00 The Start 05:13 Betty White RIP 06:26 The Rock vs Vin Diesel 14:09 The Batman Trailer 16:50 No More Matrix 23:04 Tom Holland Big Dollars 28:50 DCEU Huge Changes   38:35 Best & Worst of 2021 Awards 39:41 Best Marvel Series 44:06 Best MCU Property 46:06 Best (more…)

417: The Matrix Resurrections

Merry Snake Eyes everyone, thanks for listening. Vote here in our Best/Worst of the Year awards https://forms.gle/8aFShmP9tmSo7s317 00:00 The Start 05:24 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer 11:43: New Uncharted Trailer 15:21 Death on the Nile Trailer 17:21 Michael Keaton joins Batgirl 20:36 General Zod Returns for The Flash 25:05 Ghostbusters Game and Movie (more…)

416: Spider-Man: No Way Home

The most wonderful early podcast time of year! Have a great one everyone. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:43 Thor 4 Poster 05:12 Kick Ass Reboot 09:21 Blue Beetle Release 10:22 Early Matrix 4 Reactions 11:31 Tom Holland is Fred Astaire 14:34 Dr Strange Reshoots 17:12 Black Panther Recasts & Returns 18:40 Dumbledore’s Got (more…)

415: Ghostbusters: Afterlife & Game Awards Trailers

Early podcast! 00:00 The Start 00:45 Suggestible and the City (spoilers 01:25 to 03:05) 04:47 Cowboy Bebop Cancelled 07:31 The Game Awards 08:46 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Gameplay Trailer 11:45 Wonder Woman Solo Game Announced 13:56 The Matrix Unreal Engine Experience 15:21 The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer 17:47 Star Wars: Eclipse Teaser 23:06 Fantastic (more…)

413: Venom Let There Be Carnage

Early podcast and don’t forget to watch Snake Eyes. Thanks for listening! James and Maso on Book Cheat: https://play.acast.com/s/book-cheat 38 Seconds with Mr Sunday Movies: https://youtu.be/jZHTWjc_97s 00:00 The Start 06:52 Biggest Movie of the Year? 09:00 Spider-Man No Way Home Runtime 12:58 Mass Effect Series 16:26 DC League of Super-Pets Trailer 17:43 Jurassic World: Dominion (more…)

412: Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer & Dead Movie Genres

Hey mate, get amongst this early podcast if you’re about. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 06:01 Blade Casting 07:18 Black Widow Returns 10:50 Hawkeye Series Recaps 13:21 Black Panther 2 Hiatus 16:13 Daredevil Something Planned 20:27 Lethal Weapon 5 Director 23:48 Star Wars Movies Shelved 25:18 Kathleen Kennedy Deal 31:04 Miles Morales Movie 32:26 (more…)

411: Disney Plus Day & No Time To Die

There’s a bit of a break, so if you could just allow, give me one minute if you wouldn’t mind, maybe get off my back momentarily for goodness sake, so that we can finally have some time to die. Thanks for listening. Tonts Podcast with James play.acast.com/s/tonts Two in the Think Tank Live Stream youtu.be/_zja_l053Ww (more…)

410: The Eternals and Shang Chi

Movies are back BABYYY! Do Go On with Maso play.acast.com/s/do-go-on Stupid Old Studios Fundraiser igg.me/at/sosgottamove Two in the Think Tank Live Stream youtu.be/_zja_l053Ww Plumbing the Death Star with James play.acast.com/s/plumbingthedeathstar Please vote for Suggestible in The Listener’s Choice award australianpodcastawards.com/vote 00:00 The Start 07:45 Chris Pratt is Garfield 11:32 Donkey Kong Solo Movie 12:55 Taika (more…)

409: A Hallow-Scream Spooktacular Shocktober The Turdy Worst (No Cowards)

It’s the scariest time of year… Please vote for Suggestible in The Listener’s Choice award australianpodcastawards.com/vote Suggestible Halloween Special play.acast.com/s/suggestible 00:00 The Start 10:01 Dune: Part Two 14:10 Tom Holland Lied 16:06 Batgirl Villain Brendan Fraser 18:50 Army of the Dead Sequel 22:16 Cowboy Bebop Trailer 23:08 Lightyear Trailer 25:57 New Marvel Game 31:38 The (more…)

408: Dune. It’s Dune time

Early podcast, thanks for listening! Or is it Dune? 00:00 The Start 06:18 Halyna Hutchins RIP 12:09 Batwoman Drama 15:39 The Eternals Reactions 18:49 Hayden Christensen Ashoka Return 20:43 Y: The Last Man Cancelled 22:19 Guardians of the Galaxy 3 23:09 New Teasers 24:48 Uncharted Trailer 29:37 World War Hulk 32:24 Indiana Jones and MCU (more…)

406: The Best Secret Agents in Movie History

Quite frankly there’s still no time to die but there is early podcast. 00:00 The Start 03:24 New MCU Spin-Off Series 09:27 The Marvel Police 15:27 James Gunn Teases Greatest MCU Character 20:19 Jake Gyllenhaal is The Prophet 27:44 Expendables 4 Starts Filming 30:19 Game of Thrones Prequel Teaser 33:21 Resident Evil Reboot Trailer 35:34 (more…)

405: Free Guy and The Beach That Makes You Old

Early podcast that’s completely free! Thanks for listening. More Squid Games with James: play.acast.com/s/suggestible 00:00 The Start 03:03 Book of Boba Fett Release 06:25 The Boys Spin-Off 08:51 No Time To Die 14:54 The Last of Us First Look 15:53 HBO Max Mistakes 18:28 Black Widow Disney Feud 23:17 New Netflix Teasers 27:00 Venom 2: (more…)

404: Super Mario and Star Wars Visions

Business is booming, bitch! But seriously thanks for listening. Total Reboot episodes with James & Maso: play.acast.com/s/total-reboot 00:00 The Start 05:53 Fantastic Beasts Title Reveal 11:33 Disney Plus Day Releases 14:07 Disney/Marvel Suing Situation 21:35 Roald Dahl Netflix 24:50 Robot Dog Trailer 25:39 HBO and Peacemaker Preview 28:10 Batman Day Flashpoint Tease 30:22 New Supergirl (more…)

403: Malignant and Hawkeye Trailer

Merry early podcast everyone. 00:00 The Start 02:10 Timecodes Below 02:26 Timecodes Below 2: Time Goes Bananas 03:35 Denis Villeneuve on Marvel Movies 08:38 Christopher Nolan Universal Demands 14:20 Twins Sequel Triplets 16:00 Indiana Jones Switch Up 21:10 Marvel Zombies Live Action 22:37 Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaks 25:43 Venom and Spider-Man Crossover 27:10 Penguin (more…)

402: The Matrix and New Marvel Games

It’s trailers ahoy in this extra early podcast! Honk. Total Reboot with James: play.acast.com/s/total-reboot 00:00 The Start 04:32 Michael K. Williams RIP 07:27 Mad Max Furiosa Delayed 08:32 Venom 2 Release Date 09:38 The Eternals is a Theater Exclusive 10:45 Halloween Kills on Streaming 12:32 No Time To Die Runtime 14:32 Next Nolan Movie Details (more…)

401: Best Comic Character Movies – Part Two!

Go bananas for part two of the thing in this early podcast! Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:42 Venom 2 Rated 04:32 Delays But Don’t Dismays 09:44 Spider-Man: No Way Home Moved 11:43 Moonfall Trailer 15:01 No Time To Die Final Trailer 17:56 Netflix’s Red Notice Trailer 22:34 Return of The Rocketeer 30:01 New (more…)

400: Episode 400!!

Happy podcast everyone. Thank you so much for listening. 00:00 The Start 07:11 Delays But Don’t Dismays 08:41 New Multiverse of Madness Big Name Characters 15:05 Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 29:27 Marvel Halloween Special 32:25 The Matrix 4 Footage 40:07 SPUMM Update 42:03 The Definitive Best Movie for Each Comic Book Character! 01:21:46 What (more…)

399: Movies about being trapped!

We trapped. Locked inside. But that did not stop us recording this podcast on both the big news of the week and also us going through some of the best and worst bottle movies aka movies set in one location. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:57 The (more…)