The Best of The Weekly Planet 2020

Hello and welcome to the earliest clip show this year. Hope everything’s alright mate. 00:00 The Start 02:40 Red Hot Comic Book Movie News 341: Westworld 001: Episode One 232: Jurassic Snark 318: Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop 328: Scott Handsome 365: Lando: Star Wars News 320: No Gambit Talk 321: Punch a Duck (more…)

368: Best and Worst of 2020 Awards

2020 brought us a whole lot. Many things bad. Not good year. One of worst. But we still had some movies and a bunch of TV shows plus video games and comics and a dead streaming service all of which we discussed in our best and worst of the year! Thanks so much for all (more…)

367: Wonder Woman 1984 is…

If you want a review of Wonder Woman 1984 you’ve managed to land on the perfect podcast for that. But before we talk Wonder Woman we get into some new Disney Plus and Warner Brothers release dates, The Exorcist gets another sequel, Snyder Cut sequel news, the Coming 2 America trailer and MGM is in trouble (more…)

Jingle All the Way (Streaming Edition)

Oh my god it’s The Weekly Planet talking over an absolute Christmas classic.

This is a new version of the commentary track and now compatible with the movie on most streaming sites. The original track was recorded alongside the slightly extended DVD edition and is still available on this feed. It’s about four minutes longer. Huge thank you to William Hall-Esquire for editing down this edition and saving Christmas.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for listening.

Jingle All the Way (Extended Edition)

Oh my god it’s The Weekly Planet talking over an absolute Christmas classic.

This version is compatible with the slightly (four minute) extended DVD version of the movie. If you’re watching on a streaming service? Check out the other track on this feed. It’ll work great hopefully.

Merry Christmas and have a safe holiday!

366: The Mandalorian Season Two Review

Early podcast! Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season Two start from around 33 minutes. Please stay safe and have a great week mate. Dave Lee Podcast with James: Steele Wars Mandalorian Reactions: 00:00 The Start 03:43 Snyder Cut News Forever 09:55 Marvel Legends 11:21 Helstrom Cancellation 12:07 Lady Sif Returns for Thor 4 12:31 (more…)

365 Huge Disney, Marvel and Star Wars News

Early podcast and what a week! Thank you for listening. Maso’s guest appearance on Sarah & Michael Save Christmas: James loves Greenland on his Suggestible podcast: 00:00 The Start 04:46 HBO Max Backlash 12:28 Spider-Man 3 Casting 13:45 Zorro Reboot 16:47 Nobody Trailer 18:56 Patty Jenkins on Justice League 19:57 Ben Affleck’s The (more…)

363: How To Reboot Dying Franchises

Early podcast! Reboots! Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 02:49 Mads Mikkelsen joins Fantastic Beasts 04:37 WandaVision to explore Scarlet Witch’s Powers 08:01 Godzilla vs Kong on Demand 08:54 Wonder Woman’s Amazons Spin-off 12:17 Joss Whedon leaves The Nevers 14:55 Marvel’s Avengers Flops 18:19 Entourage Return Tease 22:27 Great Predator 5 Idea 25:46 REBOOTS! 01:12:04 (more…)

362: The New Mutants (more like old mutants)

Early podcast! There’s spoilers throughout the entire New Mutants review but main ones start at around 42 minutes. Also, you probably don’t care. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:57 Black Panther 2 07:48 The Predator 5 15:16 James Bond Game Announcement 17:24 Black Lightening Cancelled 18:26 Deadpool and Disney 23:19 The Batman Series Loses (more…)

361 We saw Tenet

Check it out and what’s up?!? We finally saw Tenet. Also news of WandaVision, Bloodshot 2, Wonder Woman 1984 coming to streaming maybe or maybe not, Star Lord returns for Thor 4 plus Star Wars news and Justice League news because there never won’t be. Good hussle everyone thanks for the support! 00:00 The Start (more…)

02 Cursed Movies & TV Shows

Welcome to the spookiest episode of the year (and just to clarify I’m not talking about tax time). This week, the most cursed Movies and TV Shows of all time! Plus the death of Quibi, a first look at Uncharted, Aunty Donna coming to Netflix, Mindhunter no more, No Time To Die moving to streaming, (more…)

01 Worst TV Show Endings

Welcome to the very first and only episode of The Weekly Planet podcast. This week, we delve into news of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning and Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3, plus trailers for Jiu Jitsu, Monster Hunger, The Watch and Animaniacs, casting for Furiosa and She Hulk, Static Shock gets a movie, Superman & (more…)

356 The Boys and More Movie Delays (but don’t Dismays)

Good day and extra early podcast! Full description coming soon but if you’re avoiding The Boys Season Two spoilers? Probably best to skip that section entirely from 44 minutes to 70 minutes. Hey and also, thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 04:45 More Movie Delays 07:41 Movie Dates Moved Up 12:07 Resident Evil Reboot Cast (more…)

355 Spider-Man: Return of Electro

The early podcast! It’s a big news episode. Thanks so much for listening. Two in the Think Tank 00:00 The Start 01:57 No Time To Die Delayed 05:18 Cinemas Be Closing 07:30 Huge Disney Layoffs 11:13 Kobra Kai Renewal & Teaser 13:54 James Bond Quiz 21:45 The Witches Trailer 26:18 Greenland on Demand 30:26 (more…)

354 Movies That Need Sequels (Part Two)

This week we return to last week’s topic with Movies That Need Sequels 2 Electric Boogaloo. Plus new trailers for WandaVision and Helstrom, more delays at Marvel for Black Widow, Supergirl wraps up, another Snyder Cut update because of course, Peacemaker gets a series, Black Adam casting, box office woes, X-Box news and a spin-off (more…)

353 Movies That Should Be Franchises

Early podcast! Thank you so much for the support. And for listening. Have a good day. 00:00 The Start 05:58 Ms Marvel Series Directors 08:34 She Hulk Casts Lead Role 14:45 Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3 19:03Black Widow Delayed? 21:05 Tenet Box Office Mystery 25:17 Uncharted Set Photos 28:24 Mario Animated Movie 29:46 Harley (more…)

352 Movies That Should’ve Stopped

This week we explore the new trailer for Dune, a movie that might come out at some point as well as information on the Star Wars sequel trilogy that is…unsurprising. We also talk The Walking Dead coming to an end, Kenobi starting up, Mulan controversy, Thor retirement, Wonder Woman 84 delayed again plus a Robocop (more…)


Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there? A movie commentary track for Joker (2019). Thanks so much for listening. Sorry mate, you need to be signed in to unlock this bonzer content Sign In

351 Mulan & The Boys Season 2

This week we talk more about the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman plus Mulan 2020 and The Boys season 2. Also news of The Godfather III, John Boyega on his experiences with Star Wars, a release date for The Mandalorian, The Batman shuts down and a new trailer for No Time To Die. Thanks for (more…)

350 Rest in Power, Chadwick Boseman

This week we morn the loss of a legend in the entertainment industry, Chadwick Boseman, who tragically passed away at age 43. With no appropriate way to transition we get into the releases of Tenet and New Mutants plus a review of Bill and Ted Face the Music.  Also news of DC Fandome success, a (more…)

349 DC Fandome

It’s DC Fan Dome time! Off the dome as they say! We got looks at the first trailers for The Batman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League plus looks at Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, The Flash, Black Adam, Shazam, Aquaman along with reveals for both Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League and Gotham Knights. There’s (more…)

348 The Bill & Ted Movies & Project Power

A podcast but slightly earlier than your typical podcast. Thanks so much for the support. Book Cheat podcast with Nick Mason: 00:00 The Start 03:51 DC FanDome 11:43 Lego Star Wars Holiday Special 14:07 Avatar TLA Netflix Exits 19:07 Top Ten Highest Paid Actors 25:17 Tron 3 Director and Jared Leto joins Cast 28:31 (more…)

347 DC Fandom Preview & Mulan Comes To Streaming

Well well well. Podcast. And where there’s podcasting there’s news. News of DC Fandome, Mulan coming to Disney Plus for 30 bucks, Captain Marvel 2 getting a director, Star Trek news, TMNT reboot update, No Time To Die HOT GOSS, X-Men animated revival, John Wick and his sequels,a Catwoman prequel series and more! Thanks for (more…)

346 Umbrella Academy Season Two

Early podcast! Thank you. 00:00 The Start 05:33 Batman: Death in the Family 09:12 Pixar’s Luca 11:05 Awards Season 14:15 Beyond Good & Evil Movie 18:24 Netflix’s New ‘Fast & Slow’ Feature 21:50 Hailee Steinfeld Cast in Hawkeye 26:08 Courtney Cox Returns for Scream 5 31:51 The Witcher: Blood Origin Prequel 35:55 New AMC & (more…)

345 Comic Con at Home

It’s Comic Con 2020 which means the maximum time for wooing. But this is Comic Con online so is it more boo than woo? We get stuck into trailers and footage for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, New Mutants, The Boys, plus Rick & Morty Season 5. Plus more release date information for Tenet, (more…)

344 Best Starter Comics (Marvel Edition)

WELCOME. Welcome. WELCOME! This week we finally make good on our promise to give our best Marvel comic recommendations to get started. Plus more delays for the MCU, trailers for New Mutants, Lower Decks and Project Power, Adam Smasher joins Black Adam, more Star Wars news than you can handle, plus more things than you (more…)

343 The Old Guard is…

Hello and welcome to this podcast that is an early podcast. Please place your valuables under the seat at the beginning of the podcast and keep your arms and legs within the podcast at all times. Thank you for choosing to podcast with this podcast and we hope you enjoy your podcast. 00:00 The Start (more…)

342 Justice League Controversy & Harley Quinn

This week we kick things off with some pretty severe revelations regarding work on Justice League 2017.  Plus news of Christopher Nolan VS Chairs, a new Sherlock Holmes movie, secret DC movies, news of a new Fallout series and The Boys Season 2, Into The Spider-Verse sequel update, another TMNT reboot plus Alien and Predator (more…)

341 Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns

Early podcast! Thank you so much for the support. Have a good time. Should Michael Keaton Return as Batman (2018 Video): Australian Comics: 00:00 The Start 03:02 RIP Joel Schumacher 05:38 Twister Reboot 11:20 Marvel’s Avengers Trailer 17:06 Superman: Man of Tomorrow Trailer 19:40 J. Jonah Jameson Appearances Confirmed 21:50 AI Robot Actor (more…)

340 Best Starter Comics (DC Edition)

Sad news this week with the death of family man Keith Blocker and veteran actor Ian Holm. There’s also news relating to Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars Squadrons, a tease for the Justice League Snyder Cut, DC Fandome at home plus the best DC comics to get you started. Thanks for listening! Fundraiser for Keith’s (more…)

339 PC Has Gone Mad

PC has gone mad. But you know that. This week we talk the removal of Gone With The Wind and other programs from streaming services, the PS5 reveals including Spider-Man Miles Morales, new dates for The Matrix 4, Wonder Woman, Tenet and Godzilla VS Kong, Bill & Ted Face The Music gets a trailer, no (more…)

338 Fan Theories Hot Stuff Sexy Dads

Wow hot stuff this week! We’re doing fan theories regarding popular TV and film, everything from Inception to Star Wars, the Joker to Indiana Jones dying in a fridge. Plus news of the week covering Godzilla VS Kong, more Alien movies, Batwoman gets recast in an unexpected way, The New Mutants becoming a trilogy, a (more…)

337 Best & Worst Director Cuts

This week we mourn the loss of Josh Murch, husband, father and great mate. With no appropriate segway from that we move into the news of the week including how they crashed a real plane fr Tenet, Doug Liman directing Tom Cruise in space, James Mangold on board for Indiana Jones 5, Ryan Gosling is (more…)