It’s finally here, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. What an exciting time to be alive. Or is it? Here our in depth…constructive criticism of the film in both spoiler heavy and spoiler free detail.

We also get into news the return of Voltron, Captain Britain in the MCU, the Lego Batman Movie, The Tick plus new images from Wonder Woman. Thanks for listening everyone! Oh and this it up a little early because I’m going away and wanted to make sure you guys got this.

3:45 Mason On Steele Wars

5:14 Gary Shandling RIP

7:47 Voltron

10:25 Captain Britain

12:44 Lego Batman Movie

15:27 Peter Serafinowicz Joins The Tick

17:55 New Wonder Woman Image

18:35 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Spoiler Free

39:19 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Spoilers till the end

1:50:59 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

156:03 Letters It’s Time For Letters