This week we break down the box office performance of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Plus we get into the Suicide Squad reshoots, Blade Runner 2 casting, the New Mutants movie, Gambit being delayed, Dungeon & Dragons getting a director and Ewan McGregors return to Star Wars. We also talk the Tim Burton Batman films, Batman 1989 and Batman Returns. In summary, not really, but it’s fun to talk about. Thanks for listening!

5:40 New Doctor Strange Images

9:20 Blade Runner 2 Casting

13:29 New Mutants Movie Casting

15:33 Gambit Delayed

17:47 Dungeons & Dragons Director Announced

23:17 Ewan McGregor Obi Wan Film

27:04 Sucide Squad Reshoots

30:29 Batman V Superman Box Office Drop

39:05 Batman 1989

1:19:34 Batman Returns 1992

132:30 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

141:20 Letters It’s Time For Letters