This week Mason recounts some more cancelled comic book universes! All the classics you neither remember or love, they’re back for this very special episode that’s pretty much a regular episode.

We also talk the new trailers for Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars Episode VIII getting a title, Tetris the movie, changes over at DC, a Harley Quinn movie and more! Thanks for listening.

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5:19 Star Trek Trailers

11:04 MacGyver & Lethal Weapon Trailers

14:58 Star Wars Episode 8 Title

16:41 Michael Keaton joins Spider-man Homecoming

18:16 Ghostbusters Trailer 2

21:39 Iron Man 3 villain changed

23:18 Transformers The Last Knight title reveal

25:14 Tetris The Movie

27:26 Geoff Johns more control over the DCU

29:48 Harley Quinn and Birds Of Prey Movie

30:55 Suicide Squad well received

34:04 DC Rebirth Spoilers

37:47 Cancelled Comic Book Universes

1:30:50 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:33:08 Letters It’s Time For Letters