This week we’re talking the brand new Superman, a Rocketeer sequel/reboot, The Great Wall trailer, more Han Solo movies, a Black Widow movie and the Ben Affleck Batman movie. Also, we talk Jason Bourne and how it’s fine. Like it’s an okay movie in every sense.

Batman V Superman Commentary:,

3:03 The new Superman for Supergirl

6:12 New female Rocketeer

12:02 The Great Wall trailer

14:05 Three Han Solo solo films?

17:24 Blair Witch 2

19:33 Joss Whedon on directing Black Widow solo movie

24:03 Ben Affleck solo Batman movie

30:37 Jason Bourne Spoiler Free Review

47:43 Jason Bourne Spoiler Review

56:56 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

59:54 Letters It’s Time For Letters

1:02:11 – 1:02:27 Harry Potter spoilers (not the new one)