This week to help us talk video games based off movies and to help with that is Ben Vernel from Filthy Casuals.

We also get into Rogue One, Barbie the movie, Spider-man Homecoming suit details, Power Rangers, The Mummy, Thor Ragnarok and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Thanks for listening!

Filthy Casuals:

Caravan Of Garbage:

GOTG 2 Trailer Breakdown:

Attack Of The Clones Commentary:,

6:32 Rogue One stuff

9:46 Barbie is a movie

12:18 Spider-man Homecoming suit details

13:52 New Alpha Five Power Rangers design

15:33 Billy Dee Williams cast as Two Face

16:37 The Mummy Trailer

22:46 Thor Ragnarok first look

27:02 GOTG 2 Trailer

33:45 Pikachu Detective movie

35:54 Big Video Games Reveals

42:27 Best/Worst Video Games Based On Movies

1:26:07 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:31:50 Letters It’s Time For Letters