Mason hates Disney movies because where his heart is supposed to be there’s a big old pile of poo. So we get into some Disney classics he should definitely get into put probably won’t.

We also talk new Star Wars trailers and something, another Arkham game, Highlander, Alien Covenant, Dune and the death of Ron Glass. Thanks for listening!

Caravan Of Garbage:

Cancelled Star Wars Projects:

Phantom Menace Commentary:

The Weekly Planet Comic:

7:24 Ron Glass RIP

7:53 Alien Covenant

12:02 Star Track (not a spelling error) Discover casting

13:23 New Mutants animatic

15:14 Highlander news

18:26 Something about Boba Fett

21:33 Another Rogue One trailer

25:03 Dune is coming back probably

28:02 New Batman Arkham game?

34:10 Mason hates Disney

1:09:02 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:14:22 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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