It’s Avengers Infinity War week baby! We get stuck right into that film in both spoilers than non spoilers. Also we cover news of the new Venom trailer, Star Wars news for both a new animated series and the Han Solo film, a Predator 2018 synopsis, a weird Watchmen casting call, Star Trek gets a new director, Fast and Furuoius animated, Glass and also a young Nick Fury spotted! Thanks for the support

Infinity War Easter Eggs:

Civil War Commentary:

0:00 The start of the podcast

4:54 New Venom trailer

11:33 Star Wars Resistance

16:24 Solo news

20:24 Star Trek 4 director

25:56 Glass!

27:48 Predator synopsis

35:02 Watchman casting call

34:50 Fast & Furious animated

37:54 Young Nick Fury

43:46 Avengers Infinity War spoiler free

1:07:31 Avengers Infinity War spoilers

1:49:39 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:52:06 (Infinity War spoilers) Letters It’s Time For Letters