The 80’s are back again I guess? So to celebrate the release of Cobar Kai we get into the best 80’s action films. We also get into new trailers for Robin Hood and Ant-man & The Wasp, new Solo stuff, Power Rangers get’s bought out, Swamp thing, Black Widow and Rambo 5 news and moooooooooore. Thanks for listening!

Infinity War Deleted Scenes:

0:00 The Start

6:23 Robin Hood

11:35 Solo new stuff

16:17 Swamp Thing TV series

24:39 Ant-man & The Wasp trailer

28:42 Black Widow directors

32:51 Hasbro buys Power Rangers

39:10 Rambo 5

42:15 Cobra Kai

48:34 Best 80’s Action Moves

1:32:08 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:33:58 Letters It’s Time For Letters