Good. Gravy! Deadpool’s back in Deadpool 2 and yes you very much see his balls. We also talk a whole lot of DC Televisual news, a new trailer for Mission Impossible Fallout, Star Wars spin-off news, the Happytime Murders, Willow 2 and the death of a Superman movie legend. Thanks for listening!

Rogue One Commentary:

Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs:

0:00 The start of the show

4:32 RIP Margot Kidder

5:45 Star Wars Celebration 2019

9:29 Obi Wan synopsis

13:20 Lando movie?

14:36 The Happytime Murders

16:20 Batwoman

20:31 Pennyworth

27:35 Doom Patrol

31:35 BVS & Injustice

32:51 Mission Impossible Fallout trailer

36:31 Willow 2

41:44 Deadpool 2 non spoilers

56:55 Deapdool 2 spoilers

1:13:26 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:16:15 Letters It’s Time For Letters