HELLO. This week we talk to director Leigh Whannell about his new movie Upgrade. Plus we talk Incredibles 2, Aquaman, Wonder Woman 84, The Batman, the Joke spin-off, Flashpoint, Geoff Johns moving on, DC’s shake-up, Dumbo gets a trailer, Captain Marvel gets a composer, Dundee 4, Star Trek Discovery and George Lucas’ plans for Episode VII.

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0:00 The start of the show

5:33 Wonder Woman 2 first look

12:27 Aquaman first look

17:48 Matt Reeves’ Batman

18:55 Joker spin-off news

20:07 Flashpoint will be like BTTF

22:18 Geoff Johns doing a different DC thing

25:09 DC shake up

27:56 Dumbo trailer

29:49 Captain Marvel composer

30:51 Paul Hogan news!

33:23 New showrunner for Star Trek Discovery

35:54 Star Wars news because we always have Star Wars news

43:54 Upgrade talk/interview (spoilers 1:05:12 – 1:08:30)

1:08:30 Incredibles 2 take (spoilers 1:21:05 – 1:26:01)

1:26:01 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:30:10 Letters It’s Time For Letters