It’s time for a podcast! And this week a podcast (this podcast) is about the Halloween franchise (two of them) and how they maybe aren’t good (or are they). We also discuss Iron Fist’s cancellation, trailers for Aladdin, Pet Semetary, Glass, we get into suit reveals for Avengers 4, Batwoman and Spider-man Far From Home, the Kraven spin-off and James Gunn boarding Suicide Squad 2.

Book Cheat:

Lights Camera Barstool:

3:38 Iron Fist cancelled

7:34 Aladdin trailer

12:56 Batwoman suit reveal

14:31 Black PantHer 2 greenlit

16:53 New Spider-man suit

19:28 Avengers 4 suit

23:44 Pet Sematary trailer

30:31 Glass trailer 2

33:22 Kraven spin-off details

39:38 James Gunn joins Suicide Squad 2

49:31 Halloween 1978 & H20

1:23:30 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:33:30 Letters It’s Time For Letters