It’s the spookiest time of year. And I’m not talking about bloody tax time! ZING. We are however talking about our favorite horror movies. Plus Marvel news with a new origin for Captain Marvel, Guardians 3 delayed and Luke Cage cancelled, the 1960’s Batmobile showing up in the Joker movie, black suit Superman at the CW, improv on the set of Star Wars 9 and more! Thanks for listening.

0:00 The Start

3:15 Luke Cage cancelled

10:20 GOTG 3 delayed

15:01 New Captain Marvel Origin

17:57 Batmobile in Joker movie

19:18 Black suit Superman on TV

24:22 Star Wars 9 more improv

28:09 Favorite Horror Movies

1:12:34 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:17:18 Letters It’s Time For Letters