X-Men Dark Phoenix rounds out the X-Men men film series and it’s very good. Or is it? I mean you know it isn’t. We also talk the cancellation of Swamp Thing, an R rating for Birds Of Prey, a director for Black Adam, footage for Ad Astra and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, more Jurassic World, a Django Zorro crossover movie and a rumoured date for the next Fantastic Four movie. Thanks for listening

Fox Cancelled X-Men Movies: http://bit.ly/2FbGGvl

0:00 The Start Of The Show

1:44 Swamp Thing cancelled

13:28 Birds Of Prey

13:40 Wonder Woman Poster & No Hall Ach

15:58 Black Adam

16:46 Ad Astra

22:43 Jedi Fallen Order

29:13 Jurassic World Animated

30:40 Django/Zorro

33:52 Fantastic Four MCU

39:49 Dark Phoenix (spoilers 1:00:16 – 1:16:29 )

1:16:29 Letters It’s Time For Letters

1:21:31 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read