Happy New Year every one of us! This week we’re talking the most exciting releases of 2020! And Dolittle! Plus a rebrand for 20th Century Fox, no Watchmen season 2, a crazy Crisis Crossover, trailers for Morbius, Black Widow and Bloodshot, Doctor Strange loses it’s director, a leaked Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker script and many more things! Star Wars related! And otherwise! Thanks for coming back this year.

Marvel Sony deal video: https://bit.ly/38ki3IJ

0:00 The Start

2:10 20th Century Fox rebranded

3:48 No Watchmen season 2

6:50 Crisis (spoilers) Green Lantern HBO update

9:53 Ex Machina being adapted (the comic)

12:30 Morbius trailer

20:00 Scott Derrickson departs Doctor Strange 2

27:08 Hot Scoop or Shot Of Poop!

30:58 Taika Waititi directing Star Wars

33:02 High Republic Era next for Star Wars

35:10 Leaked Episode 9 early script

47:10 Spoons In

41:55 MOVIES! 2020!

1:39:21 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:54:00 Letters It’s Time For Letters