It’s the real 2020! But also there’s a bunch of movies based in 2020 that are so wrong is borderline offensive. But before we get into that we do the big news, including the death of legend Terry Jones, more live action Disney remakes, cancelled Howard The Duck series, a first look at US Agent, big drama surrounding the Obi Wan series, returning Ghostbusters, The Matrix 4 anti-casting and Justice League stuff from Bad Robot. Thanks for listening!

0:00 The Start

2:01 Terry Jones RIP

5:11 More live action Disney remakes

7:21 Marvel TV cancellations

10:03 US Agent first look

11:30 Captain Marvel 2 moves ahead

14:07 Obi Wan is delayed or cancelled or it isn’t

20:44 Returning Ghostbuster cast

22:11 Justice League Dark is back baby!

23:41 Agent Smith will not return

27:17 Movies & TV Set In 2020

1:06:04 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:10:58 Letters It’s Time For Letters