This week we mourn the loss of Josh Murch, husband, father and great mate. With no appropriate segway from that we move into the news of the week including how they crashed a real plane fr Tenet, Doug Liman directing Tom Cruise in space, James Mangold on board for Indiana Jones 5, Ryan Gosling is The Wolfman, a sequel for the Labyrinth, the return of Henry Cavill as Superman and more news on the extended cut of Justice League and Suicide Squad. Thanks for watching and stay safe.

Joshua Murch Fundraiser:

00:00 RIP Josh

03:48 Intro

05:48 Christopher Nolan crashed a real plane for TENET.

08:46 Doug Liman directing Tom Cruise in space movie.

12:14 James Mangold confirmed for Indiana Jones 5.

15:40 Ryan Gosling is The Wolfman.

20:45 Scott Derrickson for Labyrinth sequel.

22:21 Every week forever this is never gonna stop faaaark me.

23:23 David Ayer’s Suicide Squad cut.

30:40 Henry Cavill returning as Superman.

35:04 Rumours that J. J. Abrams will direct Superman.

39:52 Marvel fan creates chronological cut.

42:20 Best/Worst Director’s Cuts

01:27:26 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

01:31:00 Letters It’s Time For Letters