We trapped. Locked inside. But that did not stop us recording this podcast on both the big news of the week and also us going through some of the best and worst bottle movies aka movies set in one location. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Thanks for listening.

00:00 The Start

04:57 The Eternals Trailer

09:13 Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Time

11:29 Early Shang-Chi Reactions

15:49 Delays But Don’t Dismays

18:15 Ironheart’s MCU Debut

20:45 Captain America 4 Confirmed

21:22 Black Canary Returns

22:46 Michael Keaton’s Multiverse

25:31 John Boyega Star Wars Series

28:40 Star Wars Visions Trailer

29:32 Secret Wars Movie Leak

35:08 Bruce Willis’ Final Form

39:43 Ranking the Best Bottle Movies

01:16:05 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:21:03 Letters, It’s Time For Letters