We’re back! Please accept this early podcast, thanks for listening and who ate all my pasghetti


00:00 The Start

03:26 Arnie is Zeus

04:53 Peacemaker & Suicide Squad Spin-Offs

08:11 Jason Momoa joins Fast & Furious

10:32 Mortal Kombat Sequel

11:56 Mission Impossible Delays

13:02 Tom Cruise in the MCU

14:20 Morbius Delayed

15:13 Idris Elba Bond Talks

16:20 The Batman Runtime Reveal


17:46 Hot Quick News (Ouch So Hot)

17:59 Spider-Man: No Way Home

18:43 Moon Knight Trailer

20:30 New Star Wars Games

21:28 Pixar Streaming Mystery

23:34 Eternals Biggest Streaming Debut

25:51 Joss Whedon Weird Interview

26:48 Lord of the Rings Series Title Reveal


28:24 Everything Releasing in 2022


01:09:19 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:20:40 Letters, It’s Time For Letters