An early podcast featuring the guy who knows everything about anime?

00:00 The Start

05:11 Big Losses at Warner Bros.

15:30 The Rotten Tomatoes Scandal

26:31 Sam Raimi for Avengers: Secret Wars

29:15 Marvel’s What If? Season Two Episodes

33:58 Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Box Office Success

35:24 Gen V (The Boys Spin-Off) Trailer

38:48 Godzilla Minus One Trailer

40:29 No One Will Save You Trailer

43:06 New Pirates of the Caribbean Movie?

45:51 One Piece Live Action Series Review (post credits and spoilers 01:01:11 to 01:04:01)

01:04:01 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:15:40 Letters, It’s Time For Letters (Feat. Ahsoka Episode Four Review)