New early and cozy podcast episode. Thanks for listening.

London live show tickets for Plumbing the Death Star with Mr Sunday Movies on Sept 13th:

The Weekly Planet on Sept 14th sold out but more UK dates to be announced over next couple weeks.

Jeffrey Combs Film Festival (mentioned by Maso):

00:00 The Start

05:58 Superman Movie Set Photos

13:12 Marvel Returning to Hall H at Comic Con

15:03 Batman: Caped Crusader Trailer

16:40 Red One Trailer

20:38 Here Trailer

26:14 Nosferatu Trailer

29:06 New Warner Bros. Release Dates: Dune vs Star Wars

32:29 HBO Originals Rebrand: Harry Potter & Green Lantern Series

37:03 A Quiet Place: Day One Review

47:40 A Quiet Place: Day One Spoilers

54:54 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:02:55 Letters, It’s Time for Letters