It’s the annual “best of” clip show! We might’ve been in our grub era but at least we still have dog time. Thank you so much for your support in 2023 and beyond.

Full episode guide available here and some timecode highlights below.

00:00 The Start

02:40 Grub Era/Recordo Montalbán

04:14 The Rise of Old Rey Skywalker

08:58 Big Ears Batman Begins

14:04 Rebel Moon: A Really Long T-Shirt

19:52 Trailers Ahoy & Jason Statham Impressions

42:08 A Star Wars News Celebration

01:07:35 It’s Dog Time Everyone

01:09:31 The DCEU: End of an Era

01:37:44 Best/Worst Topics, Reviews and Some More News

02:15:21 The Best Thing That Happened This Year

02:59:32 H8 Mail but the H8 has an 8 in it

03:09:22 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

03:20:46 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

04:01:19 Multiverse Outro