Fantastic Beasts Where Are They What Are They About (being in the case) is here! So we talk that as well as Star Wars casting, Ghost in the Shell, Marvel and Fox trading characters, The Inhumans coming to TV, Kong: Skull Island, Deadpool 2 gets a director and the introduction of a brand new segment. Thanks for listening!

Filthy Casuals Podcast:

Fantastic Beasts Easter Egg Video:

0:00 Caravan Of Garbage TBA

3:05 Emilia Clarke in Star War

5:35 Ghost In The Shell trailer

10:13 Deadpool 2 gets a director

12:17 Inhumans coming to TV

15:58 Marvel and Fox trade


25:37 Green Hornet reboot

28:09 Kong Skull Island Trailer

32:54 Fantastic Beasts Non Spoiler

49:43 Fantastic Beasts Spoilers

1:08:43 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:09:30 -1:14:43 Spoilers for Westworld

1:18:04 Letters It’s Time For Letters