Godzilla 1954 (Extended)

It seems unlikely that the creators behind the 1954 original Japanese Godzilla movie could anticipated it not only remaining culturally relevant at least 70 years but also would eventually feature Godzilla and King King (sans metal gauntlet) traveling into the hollow earth to fight a race of giant orang utans or whatever happens in Godzilla V Kong. And yet here we are. Anyways, lets all take a look at where it all started. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review

54: Inside a Mother & Baby Unit with Sabrina Kennedy

TONTS. On The Road. This episode is part of series of episodes that were recorded on the road as part of my tour of the UK and Ireland last year. In this first on the road episode I talk to the incredibly kind Sabrina Kennedy Charge nurse at the Bristol New Horizon Mother and Baby (more…)

519: Best & Worst Legacy Sequels

Early podcast! We’ve got all the classics including delays (but don’t dismays), Star Wars news, MCU rumours and a big topic. Thanks for listening. Two Drunk Aunties with James (two episodes): https://www.youtube.com/@YourTwoDrunkAunties/videos 00:00 The Start 03:38 The Batman 2 Delayed 08:51 Venom: The Last Dance Moves Up 09:45 X-Men ’97 Head Writer Fired 12:55 The (more…)

The REAL Ghostbusters (Extended)

After the success of Ghostbusters 1984 but before the mediocrity of Ghostbusters 2 there was The REAL Ghostbusters, an animated childrens show that aimed to keep the series alive. And also sell toys to children. The story behind it’s creation is fascinating unlike the show itself which is not great. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

518: Should Batman Kill & The Oscars 2024

It’s a big news week ranging from sad with the loss of Akira Toriyama and Bradley Cooper not winning an Oscar to fascinating look into Zack Snyder’s insight into the Batman no killing rule.  Plus we get into some cameo information regarding Deadpool & Wolverine, the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender remake gets a (more…)

53: Still birth & Art as Healing with Larissa Reinboth

Larissa is a freelance illustrator with many strings to her bow. In 2021 she decided to couple her creative powers with her entrepreneurial mindset and founded the bereavement care charity Possum Portraits. This charity provides bereaved Australian parents with keepsake portrait drawings of babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death free of charge.

You can find more from Larissa at https://www.larissa-reinboth.com and find more about her incredible work with Possum Portraits at https://www.possumportraits.org

The Legend Of Zorro (Extended)

In 2005 we finally were treated to a follow up to The Mask Of Zorro with The Legend Of Zorro. Antonio Banderas is back as Alejandro de la Vega along with Catherine Zeta Jones this time going up against Rufus Sewell. Whilst not reaching the heights either critically or financially of the 1998 original it’s still got a bunch of great Zorroing in it and that’s fun. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

52: Bluey with Mary Bolling

In a very special episode of TONTS. I deep dive into the wonderful world of Bluey podcast with Bluey expert and podcast host Mary Bolling. Mary is a journalist, mum and kids culture enthusiast, and one half of the Gotta Be Done podcast, deep-diving Australian juggernaut Bluey (and parenting, pop culture and everything else!) since 2019. In typical TONTS. and Bluey fashion we talk about the themes in Bluey that so closely match our own experiences. Two mums deep diving into the highs and lows of parenting, grief, loss, miscarriage, the power of story and the vital role of play and silliness. What a joy!

You can find more from Mary Bolling on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/marytbolling/ and listen to her podcast Gotta Be Done here https://www.blueypod.com



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517: Dune: Part Two. It’s Dune Time.

It’s Dune o’clock time again already? Early podcast everyone. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 02:06 New Superman Movie Changes 12:11 The Crow Reboot First Look 17:22 Tron: Ares First Look 21:04 Neuromancer Apple+ Series 23:55 The Willy Wonka Experience 28:06 The Watchers Trailer 30:08 Horizon Saga Trailer 35:09 Dune: Part Two Review (spoilers 54:40 (more…)

The Mask of Zorro (Extended)

Here at Caravan Of Garbage industries there is one hard and fast rule. Zorro is the best. And arguably the pinnacle of Zorro (of which there are many) in the 1998 action adventure romance triumph The Mask Of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones directed by Martin Campbell. Great movie. Good Zorro-ing.

51: Queer Joy, Motherhood & Creativity with Tess Lehman

Tess Lehman is a photographer, creative, proudly queer and a mother of 3 living in Newcastle, Australia. Her story is honest and raw and an example of what happens when we have the courage to really live a creative life and find ourselves with vulnerability, humour and joy. In this episode we talk about Tess’ coming out story and why it took her to midlife to acknowledge she is queer, what it was like to completely change her life, single parenting, motherhood and identity and also her ADHD diagnosis. We also deep dive into her love of boiler suits. Of which I definitely share. Who doesn’t love a onesie with pockets?

You can find more from Tess Lehman at https://tessdoes.com/ and on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tessdoes



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516: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Early podcast! James & Maso REACT to the latest news, trailers and Netflix’s new remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Your Two Drunk Aunties Podcast: https://shows.acast.com/your-two-drunk-aunties 00:00 The Start 04:38 Sony Reacts to Madame Web Failures 10:23 Dune Part Two Early Reactions 11:54 Joker 2: Folie à Deux’s Big Budget 14:21 Salem’s Lot Hidden Movie (more…)

(Avatar) The Last Airbender (Extended)

In 2010 Hollywood attempted the impossible, a direct live action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Turns out. It was impossible. With many considering this to be M. Night Shyamalan’s worst directorial effort by a long way putting a stop to any potential sequel or new live action adaptation until recently. Thanks for watching our (more…)

50: Good Mourning with Sally Douglas & Imogen Carn

Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn met after the sudden deaths of their mothers only months apart. Their experiences led them to launch a podcast, and their no-holds-barred, relatable approach to talking about grief sparked a growing following of people eager to have honest conversations about what it really feels like to deal with loss. Good (more…)

515: Madame Web & The Fantastic Four Casting

Madame Webruary has come early. Thanks for listening everyone. 00:00 The Start 02:39 Deadpool & Wolverine Break Records 04:04 MCU Thunderbolts Moves & Sora AI 07:20 The Fantastic Four vs Superman: Legacy Release 10:00 The Fantastic Four Casting Confirmed 19:43 Midnight Sons Movie Rumours 22:11 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Trailer 25:15 Invincible S2 (more…)

Spider Man: No Way Home (Extended)

Despite numerous stumbling blocks leading up to the release of No Way Home including a temporary ending to the MCU/Disney and Sony deal, Covid protocols and the uncertainty that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would be willing to return. But it all worked out in the end with a pretty crowdpleasing experience at the time and a box office to the tune of 1.9 billion dollars. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

514: Superbowl 2024 Trailers! Deadpool & Wolverine!

Huge news everybody! It’s Super Bowl LVIII and with that comes a slew of trailers and TV spots including Deadpool & Wolverine, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Twisters, Wicked and more. Before that though we get to the news of the week including a new Jurassic World/Park movie that is rushing into production, a surprise Moana 2 announcement, Disney slowing things down for the MCU, Coyote VS ACME being shelved (again) and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening.

Spider Man: Far From Home (Extended)

Spider-Man is back and this time it’s personal/Europe! Hot of the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man our hero Peter Parker is off on an overseas adventure before running afoul of fake Nick Fury and the Elementals. Luckily he has the help of a magical green smoke spewing hero in the form of Mysterio, a being from a parallel dimension who’s only out to do good. According to the trailers at least which is great news for Spider-Man because he doesn’t have many mates in Europe. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

513: Argylle (from the Twisted Mind of Matthew Vaughn)

An early podcast talking about the legendary Carl Weathers, a new Supergirl, the latest from SPUMM, Suicide Squad game reactions, new trailers and a great movie. Thanks for listening! 00:00 The Start 02:38 Carl Weathers RIP 07:56 28 Days Later Movie 10:52 New Supergirl Cast 14:48 Suicide Squad Game Reactions (story spoilers) 20:54 Ghostbusters: Frozen (more…)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Extended)

After the cinematic lows of The Amazing Spider-Man series it was time for another Spider-Man reboot, this time by folding him into the MCU. After his first appearance as Peter Park in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland got his own (sort of) movie dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a high school superhero. Going up against Michael Keaton’s Vulture and his terrible surrogate dad in Tony Stark/Iron Man the film did a great job at youthifying the franchise and taking the character in a new direction. Which some people like and some people don’t. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

511: Aquaman 2 and The Best/Worst of 2023 Awards

Hello and welcome to the longest early podcast we might ever see. Thanks for listening The Loremen podcast with Nick Mason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0eGh5SupkU 00:00 The Start 05:59 The MCU’s Next Big Villain 11:10 Adam Driver Done with Star Wars 13:06 Book of Boba Fett Season Two 15:16 James Gunn on New Superman Suit 18:22 Aquaman and (more…)

510: Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire

Merry early podcast everyone. Hope you have a good and fun time over the holidays. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 02:52 Marvel Fire Jonathan Majors 08:14 We Love Big Brands Merging 14:40 Huge Insomniac/Wolverine Leak (no spoilers) 19:00 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Early Reactions (are bad) 21:30 Rebel Moon Spoiler Review (main spoilers (more…)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Extended)

After covering Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League 2017 we’re finally returning to the movie that launched a million hashtags, Zack Snyder’s definitive version of Justice League. Released in 2021 in order to fill out HBO Max’s streaming during the pandemic it sees a number of improvements including a more fleshed out story for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, a black suited Superman, an improved Steppenwolf design and a whole lot more. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

Pop Culture in 1968 – James & Maso’s Time Crapsule

Welcome to another episode of James & Maso’s Time Crapsule! 00:00 The Start 00:40 Movies 07:31 TV Shows 12:28 Events 17:16 Music 27:54 Books & Comics 30:22 Toys & Games 33:50 Births & Deaths 36:32 Ranking the Year Do you care to suggest a year? Feel free to email over at [email protected]. Hot stuff. Sorry (more…)

509: Wonka!

Thank you everyone and merry early podcast. Vote in The Weekly Planet Awards 2023! Awards survey here: https://forms.gle/aXmbVC92mRg17JSaA 00:00 The Start 03:20 Andre Braugher RIP 05:39 Rebel Moon First Reactions 10:43 What’s Next for Aquaman? 13:50 James Gunn Hates Cameos 19:49 Dune 2 New Trailer 22:24 Beverley Hills Cop: Axel F Trailer 25:15 Trailers for (more…)

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Extended)

With the third on screen adaptation of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory arriving with Timothee Chalamet as Wonka we thought we’d take it back to where it all began. Tim Burton’s adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic starring Johnny Depp. Sure there was the beloved 1971 version starring Gene Wilder but that’s boring! And old! The people want something slightly newer and worse. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

508: Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

Doctor Who specials! Game awards! GTA VI trailer! Early podcast? 00:00 The Start 02:10 Deadpool 3 Leaks (No Spoilers) 05:53 New DCU Casting inc. Sean Gunn 10:22 DC’s Big Animated Reboot 12:44 Hugh Grant Hates Wonka 16:04 The Game Awards, New Blade Game & Jurassic Park: Survival 20:49 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Trailer (more…)

Godzilla Vs. Kong (Extended)

After three movies and multiple hints Godzilla VS Kong arrived in cinemas (and streaming) in 2021. The promise of two classic movies titans going head to head was fulfilled in addition to the inclusion of the Mechagodzilla hollow earth, holograms, magical flying ships and more. And all in all it manages to deliver everything you’d want from a Godzilla VS Kong confrontation. Thanks for watching!

507: Godzilla Minus One

We’ve got an early podcast here if that’s ok with you. Thanks for listening. 00:00 The Start 03:42 Spotify Wrapped 05:56 Christmas Box Office Danger 09:55 Zack Snyder Comments on DCEU 11:58 New Avengers: Kang Dynasty Writer 12:58 Three of the Most Normal Men 22:27 Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Trailer 27:20 Actors on Actors (more…)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Extended)

After a King Kong centric prequel things return to Godzilla himself in Godzilla: King of the Monsters! The idea with this Monsterverse entry being to bring in other legendary creatures including King Ghidora, Mothra, Rodan and for one gigantic epic battle. And sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

506: It’s Napoleon Time!

This podcast might not be historically accurate but it is early? Thanks for listening. Confessions podcast (new James ep soon): https://open.spotify.com/show/1Njlpt8rFB9HBy40s2QGGW 00:00 The Start 03:44 The Scream 7 Situation 10:28 New Superman: Legacy Casting 13:08 New Star Wars Chief of Creative 18:53 New Karate Kid Multiverse(?) Movie 25:31 Wild Netflix Director Story 31:05 Napoleon 2023 (more…)

Kong: Skull Island (Extended)

Instead of jumping directly into another Godzilla movie after Godzilla 2014 the inexplicable decision was made to make a King Kong prequel set during the events of the Vietnam War. Completely revamping the character in a new narrative absolutely pays off in what is one of the more more fun, gory and entertaining Monsterverse movies that brings together Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Sam Jackson and more. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.