Twilight: Eclipse (Extended)

By this point we are all well into the Twilight Saga, this Twilight trailer can literally not be stopped. This week it’s time for the third entry Eclipse the entry in the series where the split between Jacob and Edward really begins. There’s also a startling revelation about vampire physiology, broken hearts, broken limbs, camping, wolves and child murder. Peak Twilight. Thanks for listening!

Batman Begins (Really) (Extended)

Due to what can only be described as an outstanding amount of requests, yes we are back to talk Batman Begins in preparation for all things The Batman. A startling reinvention of the superhero genre, this film managed to kick off a billion dollar franchise whilst bringing some much needed gravitas to the source material. Thanks for listening!

Batman Begins (Extended)

In preparation for The Batman which ushers in Robert Pattinson’s first appearance as Bruce Wayne we knew that it was time to return to the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Christian Bale reinterprets the duel roles of Bruce Wayne and Batman like never before taking on the League Of Shadows in what was a huge turning point for DC Comic adaptations. Thanks for listening!

The Animatrix (Extended)

In 2003 the year of The Matrix we got sequels in both Reloaded and Revolutions. But in addition to that there was also a direct to DVD anthology series in The Animatrix. A series of high production animations that tell multiple stories within and around the Matrix including a prequel on how the human/machine war began, a direct lead in to Reloaded with Final Flight of the Osiris and more. Currently still canon it seems as if much of this will lead in to Resurrections. Thanks for watching!

Japanese Spider-Man (Extended)

In 1978 Marvel struck a deal with Japanese company the Toei Company licensing out their most popular characters. The result was Japanese Spider-Man (スパイダーマン) which was a huge success and ran for 41 episodes. However their were some changes including a mentor from the Planet Spider, Peter Parker being replaced with a motorcycle racer, along with Leopardon, a giant robot he uses to fight his greatest foe Doctor Monster. It’s a wild ride. Thanks for listening!

The Spider-Man Wars! (Extended!)

Before Spider-Man: No Way Home lands let’s take a look back at the original Spider-Verse story, the Spider-Wars saga from the 1994 animated series. Introducing Peter Parker into a team of alternate dimension Spider-Men in order to take on Spider-Carnage, the Green Goblin, Hob Goblin and Kingpin. Thanks for listening to our Caravan Of Garbage review!

Daredevil Defends The Hulk (Extended)

The Incredible Hulk was the first attempt into bringing the Green Goliath into live action. Running from 1978 to 1982 it was revived again in a series of telemovies beginning with The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk which aimed to introduce the duel characters of Matt Murdoch and Daredevil and then have him spin-off into his own series. None of that happened but it did a lot of things right including John Rhys Davies as the Kingpin. Thanks for watching!

Iron Man: The Animated Series (Extended)

Iron Man The Animated Series that ran from 1994 to 1996 and acted as a way for the higher ups at Marvel to introduce the character of Tony Stark to kids in the form of a Saturday morning cartoon. Hoping to be the next Batman The Animated Series or X-Men it managed to be worse than both. This week we delve into two episodes, one from Season 1 and one for Season 2 both of which feature Hawkeye in the lead up to the Disney Plus series. It might help with SEO or something I’m honestly not sure. Thanks for watching!

Ghostbusters II (Extended)

Ghostbusters II brings back everything you loved about the original. The director, the cast including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Slimer. There’s ghosts running amok, there’s a big thing stomping around New York but this times there’s an evil painting. Anyways it’s not as good or as funny. Thanks for listening!

The Amazing Spider-Man (Extended)

Off the success of the Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Trilogy it was time for a fresh new idea. So Sony decided to make the same Spider-Man movie again with The Amazing Spider-Man 2012. Well it’s a little bit different. With Andrew Garfield in the lead role and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey this time we see Marvel’s biggest character go up against The Lizard with only the Bing search engine, a Sony Vaio and a camera with his name printed on it. Thanks for supporting out Caravan Of Garbage review!

Spectre (Extended)

Spectre was intended as the swan song (like Madeline Swan :D) for the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. Acting as a way to tie together Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall it also manages to reintroduce the criminal organization of Spectre along with classic villain Blofeld. Unfortunately it doesn’t all come together despite great action sequences, the biggest explosion in cinema history and that bit with the torture and the drills or whatever. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review!

Skyfall (Extended)

Skyfall is considered by many to be the pinnacle of Daniel Craig James Bond era. Blending some of the grittiness and heavy hitting action of Casino Royale with bits and pieces from the James Bond of old with the inclusion of Q, gadgets and quips it strikes a great balance between both the new and old. But some people think it’s dumb and just The Dark Knight again. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review!

Quantum of Solace (Extended)

Off the back of Casino Royal James Bond was very much back. And then immediately hit a speed bump with Quantum Of Solace in 2008 when the writers strike hit. Despite the return of Daniel Craig and action/espionage a plenty it failed to hit the heights of it’s predecessor BUT is it without it’s quality moments? Let’s all find out in our Caravan Of Garbage review. Thanks for the support!

Casino Royale (Extended)

After Die Another Day it was time for a reinvention of the James Bond franchise. The answer became in the form of the blonde haired blue eyed actor Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Bringing the character yet again to the modern day it’s considered to be one of, if not the best film in the franchise with incredible action, drama, revenge and romance with the inclusion of Vesper Lynd. Plus parkour. But like…good. Thanks for supporting our Caravan Of Garbage review.

The Matrix Revolutions (Extended)

After the somewhat mixed reception of Reloaded at time of release the Matrix Trilogy concluded with Revolutions that same year. The idea was to wrap up the story of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Agent Smith in the most epic way possible! A mech battle with characters we didn’t recognize and a fight in the rain. It’s not all bad though, in fact, many consider it to be a worthy conclusion. Until The Matrix Resurrections that is. Thanks for watching to our Caravan Of Garbage review.

The Matrix Reloaded (Extended)

The Matrix Reloaded aimed to take everything that was great about the first and expand the world in new and exciting ways. With the return of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and an every duplicating Agent Smith we get incredible new action scenes like the burley brawl and the highway chase plus a colouring cast of new characters. BUT. What does it all add up to? Does it even come close to the first? Somewhat I guess. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review.

The Matrix (Extended)

The Matrix acts as the invisible line between action movies of old and what we know today. It introduced the world to the characters of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, other funny names etc in addition to the concept of bullet time, Hollywood actors looking like they can really fight, virtual worlds, flying metal squids, Hugo Weaving and more. I mean a lot of those things we’d seen before but who cares The Matrix aim I right? This is our Caravan Of Garbage review, thanks for the support!

Suicide Squad (Extended)

Suicide Squad 2016 is everything to everyone. And by that I mean it seems everybody at Warner Brothers and DC had a different idea so then they just put all of them in one movie. An origin for Harley Joker and Joker, Batman, The Flash, Captain Boomerang, raisin men, a sword that can probably probably steal the souls of it’s victims, Richolas Flagg, alternate dimensions and realities, a blue sky beam etc. Just good stuff all round.

Gl Joe: Retaliation (Extended)

GI: Retaliation acts as both a sequel and soft reboot to The Rise Of Cobra. And it’s out with the old, Channing Tatum and the like and in with the new with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plus friends. We get into what works with the sequel including more Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in addition to the origin of the one million dollar Bruce Willis payday. Thanks for watching our Caravan Of Garbage review!

GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (Extended)

With Snake Eyes getting his own origin movie it’s time to revisit the Snake Eyes origin movie, 2009’s GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra. A blatant Hasbro attempt to cash in on the success of the Transformers movie it seems Channing Tatum’s Duke go up against the might of Destro, Cobra Commander and other people in goofy costumes with the back of GI Joe, an elite fighting force of weirdos with bizarre weapons and a green screen base. Also nanites and the President becomes the guy from The Mummy or whatever. It’s a great movie and everyone thought so. Thanks for listening!

Iron Man 3 (Extended)

Iron Man 3 in 2013 landed red hot off the back of the The Avengers. Promising to delve into Tony Stark’s PTST resulting from the Invasion Of New York along with the revelation about the villain that was supposedly behind it all, The Mandarin. I mean it does do these things but not with some twists and turns along the way in addition to some very odd choices. Despite some minor controversy it does a lot of things right which we get right into in this final film in the Iron Man trilogy, this is our Caravan Of Garbage review.

Iron Man 2 (Extended)

The turnaround between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 was shockingly quick in an attempt to cash in on the first, build the universe and set the wheels in motion for The Avengers. All of this results in a sequel that doesn’t reach the heights of the first but is not without it”s redeeming moments. Justin Hammer, Whiplash, the new War Machine, that racetrack bit, a boird, some of this works. Anyways here’s our Caravan Of Garbage review, thanks for watching!

Iron Man (Extended)

Who new upon it’s release in 2008 that Iron Man original Iron Man would kick off the biggest movie franchise of all time. The MCU is now twenty plus movies deep but it all began with Marvel’s relatively small independently budgeted project. Acting as the introduction of Tony Stark and the revival of Robert Downy (more…)

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Extended)

There’s nothing less exciting than a sequel featuring no original cast members. HOWEVER. Tokyo Drift, the third entry in the Fast Saga is not without merit. It introduces Lucas Black’s Jack Henley or something but more importantly Sung Kang as beloved fan favorite Han. I like it. It’s a good movie. You don’t even know (more…)

2 Fast 2 Furious (Extended)

2 Fast 2 Furious was rushed into cinemas to capitalise on the success of The Fast & The Furious two years earlier. But at some cost. Paul Walker returns but gone is Vin Diesels Dom Toretto and in is Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Something. This time it’s an undercover operation or something plus James Remar is (more…)

1 Fast 1 Furious (Extended)

2001’s The Fast & The Furious kicked off a franchise in a way that absolutely nobody saw coming. Shooting both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel into super stardom the super car racing/Point Break knock off is in many ways vastly different from what it has become. But there’s still the bones of it in there, family, Corona, d*ck swinging, rappers turned actors. Anyways here’s our Caravan Of Garbage review, thanks or the support!

Son Of The Mask (Extended)

Look. We all agree that The Mask was an absolute flawless classic 1994 screwball comedy. Which is why it came as a shock to all that the 2005 sequel Son Of The Mask is also bad. Sorry I mean just bad. This time Jamie Kennedy, plus a baby plus a dog take on the roll (more…)

The Mask

The Mask from 1994 was extremely cutting edge for the time. Blending live action with modern CGI animation it managed to bring a classic cartoon aesthetic to life plus couple with Jim Carey’s lead performance it became a monster hit which is still beloved to this day. Anyways one of us doesn’t think it’s very (more…)

Space Jam

Space Jam 1996 mashed together two of the 90’s biggest phenomenons, the Looney Tunes and NBA Chicago Bulls Basketball Slam Drunk After Doing A Big Jump Michael Jordan. This time he faces his greatest challenge yet, acting against a green screen whilst having pretend he’s playing basketball with Bugs Bunny against the Monstars so they don’t end up on the moon or something. All in all it”s aged weirdly and we didn’t like it. Thanks for supporting our Caravan Of Garbage reviews.


Saw III managed to wrap up the Saw franchise in what many consider to be a return to form for the series. Except it wasn’t the end but let’s just say it is because there’s so many of these and quite frankly we need a break.

Anyways this sees the return of Jigsaw, Shawnee Smith, Donnie Whalberg, and Leigh Whannell in what amounts to a pretty decent follow up. Anyways this is our Caravan Of Garbage review and next week we have to do Space Jam so that’s good I guess.

Saw II

Saw II took everything that was great about the first in the series, turned it up to eleven but also made sure it came out not quite as good. And whilst that is certainly the general consensus it’s not without some interesting Saw-narios. This time Donnie Whalberg of Whalbergers fame comes face to face with Jigsaw himself in a game of cat and mouse so needlessly complex and impossible to win it sends everyone into a real tiz. Anyways we talk about Saw II in this. Did I need to say that I mean you get it. Thanks for the support.


Do you remember the movie Saw? When it came out people were like omg did you see the movie Saw? Well considering we”re getting another entry with the movie Spiral in 2021 it’s time to revisit the first three films from the six hundred that were made starting with the low budget horror classic that (more…)

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

After the dreadful and unintentional conclusion in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation the franchise in live action lay dormant for nearly 20 years. That is until the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series.

Aiming to be a gritty reboot of the franchise as a web series it reintroduces the characters of Sub Zero, Scorpion, Jax, Sonya, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and others but it’s world but also absolutely not. Not even close. Anyways this is our Caravan Of Garbage review. Thanks for listening!

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

What a big bunch of crap this is. Mortal Kombat Annihilation took everything that was good about the first one (not much) and made an infinitely worse version. Just an absolute pile of dreck. Some much of this doesn’t work it’s astounding. It’s pretty good though. Just kidding it’s an awful movie and if you like it you’re an idiot. Thanks for listening!

Mortal Kombat 1995

Before Mortal Kombat makes its way back into cinemas let’s take a look at the movie that started it all!

The 1995 adaptation is often considered the high watermark for video game to movie adaptations which is credited for it’s close adherent to the source material. All your favorites are here, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Shang Tsung and more! Does it hold up? Yeah I guess? Thanks for listening.

Smallville’s Justice League

People may be loving Zack Snyder’s Justice League but little known fact but not really Smallville introduced a very early days live action version of the team in the Season 6 episode, Justice. Featuring a team up between Clark Kent, Cyborg, Aquaman, Impulse and Green Arrow it certainly is something and a series of events (more…)

King Kong 2005

Before King Kong takes on Godzilla in 2021 let’s take a trip back to the year 2005 for the remake of the 1933 classic King Kong. After the success of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Peter Jackson was given the opportunity to take a shot at one of his all time favourite properties. It’s (more…)

Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is bringing small screen Marvel espionage back to the small screen. A tradition I dare say began back in 1998 when one David Michael Hasselhoff took on the role of Nick Fury in the full length television movie Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield. With a swath of legendary Marvel (more…)

Superman II: The Donner Cut

It’s nice to cap of the Christopher Reeve series of Superman movies by circling back to Superman II as it was originally intended. With all of the original scenes edited back into the film (with a few minor editions) and the removal of all the Richard Donner nonsense this presents as an entirely different film. (more…)

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Superman 4 A Quest For Peace was heralded as a return to form for the Chris Reeve movies. But it was…not. Despite bringing back Gene Hackman and the introduction of a nuclear powered supervillian things took a turn with budget concerns, wonky story beats and a brutal edit. Things didn’t end well for the series (more…)

Superman III

Superman 3 is considered by many to be the Superman 3 of he Superman franchise. Lex Luthor is gone along with most of the cast and Christopher Reeve this time plays second fiddle to Richard Pryor is a movie so bafflingly stupid it makes me question my own sanity and if movies have ever been (more…)

Superman II

Building off the good work done in Superman The Movie in 1978, Superman II this time around brings the action with three evil Kryptonian villains lead by General Zod. However this movie was absolutely riddled with problems all stemming from the firing of original director Richard Donner who was replaced with Richard Lester. It’s a wild ride. Thanks for listening!

Superman The Movie

Superman The Movie from 1978 is considered the gold standard in superhero film making. Setting trends that resonate to this very day the Richard Donner classic introduced the world to Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder as well as bringing a air of legitimacy to the DC Comics universe with the casting of Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman. It’s also kind of very silly. This is out Caravan Of Garbage review, thanks for listening!

More Of The Awful Inhumans

Due to popular demand and shear force of numbers we have returned to finish off the final episodes of 2017’s Inhumans. A terrible show by most metrics with the less said about it the better. And yet here we are. With a second episode. Hours wasted watching, recording and editing. Thanks for listening.

The Awful Inhumans Series

Caravan Of Garbage is back for a new year and what better way to kick off 2021 than with the MCU’s biggest failure, Marvel’s Inhumans. Beginning life as a movie before being shifted to ABC Television (with a brief stop over at IMAX) it’s…just not very good. Why did they do this? I mean we (more…)

The Failed Wonder Woman Pilot

Wonder Woman 1984 hits at a time when the character has never been more popular or mainstream. But go back a decade and the character of Diana Prince was being lined up for her own series with everything you love about the character! Or at the very least some of the things you love about the character and some other weird inclusions. Bad show though. You’ll see. Thanks for listening!

The Santa Clause 3

Concluding a look into the horrifying The Santa Clause universe trilogy we’re covering The Escape Clause, objectively the worst one.

Absolutely horrendous implications surrounding childbirth, curses, time travel, death, it’s a nightmare. But thanks for the support and for watching.